MHC conducts a workshop on Sexuality and Media

The Media High Council in partnership with ‘Association Santé Mentale Suisse-Rwanda’ last week conducted a workshop on Sexuality and Media in order to equip journalists with skills they need while reporting on this vital and sensitive area of the society.

The workshop that took place on Friday 14th June 2019 was attended by 19 journalists who report on reproductive health issues.

During this training, journalists were with Dr Patana Mulisanze, Psychiatrist psychotherapist and clinical sexologist,  who shed light on different topics like masturbation, circumcision, orgasm and many more.

The Executive Secretary of the Media High Council, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo said that journalists who attended this workshop were among the ones trained on Reproductive Health Reporting from 17th to 24th December 2018.

He added that sexuality is a sensitive issue in the Society and journalists must report about it using facts by keeping in mind what is against the morals of the Rwandan Culture.

“As you all aware, MHC has the mandate to build the capacity of the media, we have organize this workshop with the plan to have more training on this vital and sensitive area of the society, in order to equip you with more knowledge that will help you answer burning questions on sexuality”. He said.

Samuel Mujyanama, a journalist at Umucyo Community Radio said thanks to this workshop, he understood some concepts related to human sexual behavior and how biased opinions on sexuality can harm the society.

“I used to give less attention to this topic  considered taboo in some communities, but as a journalist who has the duty to educate the society, the knowledge and skills i gained will help me prepare in depth stories on sexuality while respecting culture norms”.

Elisabeth Iradukunda, who report for also said that the workshop gave her more knowledge on sexuality that changed the narrative she had on the topic.

The Media High Council is planning to organize another workshop on Sexuality and Media that will introduce more journalists to the topic.


Prepared by: MUKANEZA Marie Ange

Public Relations & Communication Officer