Media stakeholders to validate the Child Rights Media Module

Kigali, March 15th, 2017, The UNICEF Rwanda and the Media High Council conducted a validation workshop of the Child Rights Media Module to be integrated in the curricula for the High Learning Institutions, and used for journalists ‘trainings on Ethical Reporting of children rights; held at Lemigo Hotel.

The Child Rights Media Module is designed to improve the capacity of news media professionals in reporting on children’s rights and issues in Rwanda.

It will enable trainees to understand the rights and basics needs of children in society; appreciate the role of key actors in Rwanda responsible for meeting and /or addressing them; understand about reporting the rights of children from a general framework of the universal fundamental human rights.

Addressing to participants Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that this module will increase media professionalism in reporting on children's issues.

He added that the Media High Council is ready to implement the module and to raise financial means to continue building the capacity of media practitioners in Rwanda.

Addressing to participants, Tegy Maly , UNICEF representative  said that all children have rights and those rights must be protected  so that  module will increase the child friendly content in local media.

 He added that the UNICEF in partnership with the Media High Council will continue to build the capacity of media especially in promoting children issues reporting.

Dr. Juuko Margaret a lecturer at UR,  said that this module will help journalists assess how children rights are treated by the Rwandan media; identifying how children rights can be pushed up the media agenda; identifying potential gaps in children rights reporting and demonstrating ways of using media messages to bridge these gaps.

Mr. Joseph Njuguna said that this module will enable trainees to identify the guidelines and principles for the media to be a voice in their media platforms; to justify the need to report children stories in an ethical manner and through well-established guidelines.

Children are vulnerable to media content so media must be careful to report on children’s issues and media should be at the forefront of championing and protecting children rights.” He said.

All participants agreed that the module is validated and once the comments and inputs from the validation workshop are incorporated on the module it will be integrated in the curricula for the high learning institutions, and used for journalists’ trainings on Ethical Reporting of children rights.

The validation workshops drew together media stakeholders, media managers, Lecturers from the schools of journalism and UN Communication Group.



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