Media practitioners committed to work together for building a vibrant media sector

Kigali March 7, 2017, the media High Council conducted a media workshop to establish network between media outlets and financial institutions, held at Lemigo Hotel.

The workshop aims at raising awareness on media business opportunities in Rwanda, exchanging experience on income generation in media and raising awareness for importance of taxes payment in media business.

During his presentation, “The best way of running a successful project at the media market”,    Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council insured media managers that it’s possible in Rwanda to create a vibrant media that can generate income.

  “Every media project that has a good business plan, innovations in its implementations and good management can generate income because “Without a good business plan there is no good business”. He said.

 The representative of financial institutions from BDF, RCA, and Banks has encouraged media managers to work together as cooperatives or associations in order to get financial support easily. In additions, they assured that they are ready to support any media project that meets all requirements.

After discussions participants come up with some recommendations: Media managers committed to work together to create a profitable media sector; Media managers support the initiative of creating a media Sacco; broadcast media managers request to reduce the cost of antennas; they  requested for permission to build their own antenna; Media managers requested the training on elaborating  a media business plan and financial management; print and online media managers requested the initiative of media literacy and they requested Rwanda Revenue Authority to organize regular training and workshop for media and all citizens to explain them the tax rules and regulations; BDF assured  to support media projects that meet bank requirements for receiving  loans; RCA assured to give trainings and any support to journalists who want to create cooperatives; Media managers committed to pay taxes according to the law and Online media managers requested telecommunications company to pay for them.

The workshop drown together 55 media managers and journalists and representatives from financial institutions like BDF, RCA, Banks and representatives from  media stakeholders institutions like RGB,RMC,  RURA, RRA, ARJ.


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