Financial reporters acquired skills on Capital market reporting.

From 17th -18th May 2018, The Capital Market Authority (CMA) in partnership with Media High Council (MHC) conducted two day training for 28 journalists from various media houses in Rwanda for the second time on how to effectively report on capital markets business.

The training aims at equipping financial reporters with skills in covering the capital market industry. This will enable them to produce news stories which are balanced, impartial and accurate to their audience.

The trainees started the training by doing a tour held at Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) promises in order to have an overview of capital market industry in Rwanda  and how it operates.

Celestin Rwabukumba, the Chief Executive Officer of RSE, explained to journalists the role of investing in capital market, the  equities market ,the capital market statistics, listed Companies, Products & Services and the process of the earning process when you invest in capital market, the market intermediaries etc.

He also emphasized on the importance of the media in sharing accurate and timely information.

“Always publish accurate and timely information on the stock markets by using figures and facts to enable the Rwandan population to make financial decisions not based on speculations but facts”, he said.

In his remarks, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council, thanked journalists who attended the training for their role in educating the public on Capital Market Industry in Rwanda. He ensures that they will do a follow up to know whether the training had a positive impact on their daily work.

“We need more stories on capital market, and we are ready to partner with you to increase your capacity in business reporting. We want you to specialize in one domain instead of being always trained in different domains,” He noted.

Trainees also visited the East Africa Exchange (EAX) located at Mayange Sector in Bugesera District; where they got more explanations on the commodities exchange and warehouse receipt system operations. They produced stories which have been published in their media houses respectively.

Trainees appreciated the training and recommend that journalists need a help to specialize on the business area.

“We do not have journalists specialized in business reporting, so, it could be better if you help us to specialize in business reporting.” Julius Bizimungu from the New Times said.

The aforementioned training closed by awarding the 28 reporters who attended the training, and the CMA in partnership with MHC assured further trainings to empower financial reporters in capital market reporting. 



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