Media practitioners urged to increase coverage on health and medical issues.

Kigali, from 13 to 23 March, 2018,   The Media High Council in partnership with the UNDP provided to 27 Journalists a practical training on health issues reporting.

Speaking to trainees Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that the training aims at enhancing knowledge and skills of media practitioners on health issues reporting, with the intention of having the evidence-based coverage of health issues.

Journalists have a special responsibility in covering health and medical news, if they are equipped with enough skills and information; they play a vital role in sensitizing and educating the public on key health issues through consistent reporting and coverage, influencing behaviors and life styles of citizen”. He emphasizes

KAMALI Flugence, the facilitator from Rwanda Biomedical centre (RBC) said that considering the role of media in health promotion, media practitioners should be empowered in that field so that they can play their role effectively.

When journalists equipped with enough information, they play a vital role in sensitizing the general population on disease prevention, and seeking treatment early.” He said

He added that timely reporting ensures that cases of communicable disease can be investigated quickly and public health control measures can be implemented to prevent further disease spread.

Media Practitioners commend the Media High Council for the skills they acquired from the aforementioned training.

This training helps me to acquire skills which will enable me to write professional health stories, both educative and advocative”. Said HABUMUREMYI Viateur from Amahoronews.com

According to Vestine UWAMARIYA from Radio Maria, this training helps her to be aware of type of communicable disease and the role of media to educate citizen on techniques of prevention.

I did not know that Hepatite B is very dangerous; I take decision of having vaccination myself and raising awareness for people to get vaccination, and educating them techniques for Hepatite B prevention.” She said.

Mayor of Rwamagana District, Mr. MBONYUMUVUNYI Radjab, thanked the Media High Council for the noble activity of bringing such number of journalists in the District to discuss with people.

We are very happy to receive a number of 9 journalists in our District; media is our variable partner because journalists help us to educate our people and to be their voice.” He said

A number of 27 trainees have been dispatched into different district like Muhanga, Ruhango, Bugesera, Rwamagana, Kayonza and Gatsibo; and the articles produced during the practical training have been published in their respective media outlets.


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