Editors acquired skills on copy editing and headline writing

Journalist interviews the resident in Kivumu Sector in Rutsiro District while others are reading newspapers

From 13th – 19th September, the Media High Council trained 31 Editors from different print media houses on copy editing and writing a short, Simple and attractive headline. The training also helped them to produce professional and comprehensive content based on citizen’s need. 

Speaking to trainees, Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO said that Editors and journalists need passion, hard working spirit and keep learning in order to become professionals.

If you work hard, the skills acquired from this training will bring change on your media houses, and that change will be evaluated through articles you will produce.” He said

He added that the Government of Rwanda needs to build a vibrant and professional media which serve based on the citizen’s need and which play a role in media practitioners and owners ‘life development.

Participants said that the training enhanced their professionalism and helped them become more creative and innovative.

Juliette Editor from Mont Jali Newspaper said “Before attending this training, I did not think on the importance of writing a good headline, but from now I realized that a compressive headline plays a vital role to attract more readers.”

Uwitonze Captone Editor from Gasabo newspaper said that this training equipped him with  skills to choose a title which reflects on the main content of the article.

According to Grace Ingabire Editor from Kinyamateka Newspaper, the aforementioned training helped her  understand the role of an editor.

“I have experience of 7 years as editor, but when journalists brought me a non comprehensive article, I used to reject it. But from this training I realize that an editor needs to have a passion, to be patient and work hard in order to help reporters and the newspaper to become more professional”. She said

The 7 day training was divided into theoretical and practical training sessions.  The One-day theoretical training focused on techniques of copy editing and guidelines for headline writing. The  6 days were allocated for practical training and  31 media editors were deployed into 8 Districts such as, Burera , Rubavu, Rutsiro, Huye, Gisagara , Rwamagana and Bugesera  where they were focusing on practical training .

The articles produced during the field training were published into their respective newspapers.



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