Media practitioners to promote governance accountability reporting

journalists are interviewing Mayor of Muhanga District .

From 24 to 29th August 2017, 23 online journalists have participated in a practical training on enabling media capacity on Governance accountability and development programs. 

The objectives of the aforementioned training were to empower journalists on governance accountability reporting; to raise awareness of the impact of media in achieving governance that is accountable of its actions; to inspire journalists to play their role in greater participation by citizens in democratic processes and to establish network of journalists who report on governance accountability.

Addressing to participants Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO , the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that this kind of practical training enable journalists to bring positive impact in their respective media houses as well as in their daily life. 

He added that the Rwanda needs a professional and active media which are capable to disseminate the information that the Rwandans and internationals need. 

“We need a vibrant and professional media which respond to the need of citizen, to achieve that you need to be professional, to work hard with a passion and to do more researches.” He said 

During the theoretical workshop, Mr.KANGWAGYE Justus, head of Decentralization Department at Rwanda Governance Board, emphasized on the role of media to ensure citizen participation and accountable governance.

Participants said that the training enabled them to enhance their professionalism. 

Claire UWITONZE  from Le matin d’Afrique said:” This training helped me to know how to conduct interview with citizens and local leaders.”

Pascal Bakomere from Izuba Rirashe said: “I have about 7 years in media but this training shows me that journalists need to keep learning! I have learnt a lot from my colleagues.” This training helped us work as a team and build relationship with my colleagues.  He added 

Participants to the training were deployed into 8 Districts : Kayonza , Ngoma , Gakenke, Rulindo , Rusizi , Nyamasheke , Kamonyi, Muhanga;  and the articles they produced have been published on their media houses respectively. 

By Denyse KANZAYIRE   

Public relations & Communication Officer