Study tour in Kenya gives media managers direct media business experience

From 4th to 10th June 2017, 12 Media managers from different media outlets held a study tour in Kenya.  The six days spent in Kenya, they visited a number of more experienced media outlets having the purpose of creating a network, partnership and relationship between Kenyan and Rwandan media.


Among the media house and institutions they visited are: Media Council of Kenya, Association of Freelancers in Kenya, Kenya Union of Journalists, Kenya National Agency, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Agency (KBC TV), Kenya Film Classification Board, Communication Authority of Kenya, Capital FM, X-News (Evening Newspapers), National Media Group (Print, Radio, and TV), Citizen TV, Media Correspondents Association, and Aga Khan University (School of Media and Communication, Digital Lab).


The Study Tour in Kenya gave the media managers an experience that goes beyond their expectations. Managers gained firsthand knowledge of media business management, and to explore more sources of income to sustain their media houses.


Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that the study tour enabled media managers to enhance experience of competitiveness. Furthermore the tour helped them identify new opportunities and to gain strategies to exploit them.


Participants commended the Media High Council for planning this transformational study tour which helped them understand media business environment in East African Community.


“The whole study tour was amazing”.  Regine AKARIKUMUTIMA said. “During the study tour I learnt how to make business in media and I leant the difference between media business and other businesses. It was interesting to see how print media in Kenya is sustainable contrary to our country”. She added


According to Theogene MANIRAKIZA, the owner and manager of Ukwezi.com said that the study tour enabled him to explore opportunities in media business and the role of professionalism in media business management.


“From now I’m going to put efforts in enhancing professionalism among my journalists” he said. He added that he is going also to put efforts in building partnership with other media houses as well as working with media associations.


The Regional study tour was organized by the Media High Council in partnership with UNDP in the line of implementation MHC mandate to build the capacity of media in Rwanda.  


Especially,  to help media managers to explore new opportunities and increase their potentiality for media business competition at regional level.




Public Relations & Communication Officer