Media managers mentored on Media Business Management

Nyamata, 23rd May 2017, Media managers from different media houses held a mentorship program in line with the Media Business Management. The programme focused on learning from the best practices of some media houses proving noticeable business development.  The programme which held from 23 – 27 May 2017 at Nyamata , Palast Rock Hotel , was organized by the Media High Council.

In his opening remarks, Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that the mentorship programme was organized to bridge the gaps revealed by the “the MEDIA BUSINESS GROWTH WITH CAPACITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT Report.”  The report has been produced by the Media High Council in 2014 to identify the gaps and challenges in the Media Business Management aligned with unstable economic and financial conditions.

He added that the aforementioned report revealed that the poor media business management and the lack of business management tools is one of the huge challenges that hinder the business development of most of media houses operating in Rwanda due to financial means constraints.

Peacemaker emphasized that the mentorship program will enable media managers to develop some business management tools and some relative strategies to generate more incomes in order to build a sustainable, professional and vibrant media sector.

During the 6 gays of mentorship programme, the mentors taught them the best way of doing a SWOT analysis and they proposed the solutions to address their challenges. Every media manager shared his experience with others and talked about how he/she manages his/her media house. This helped them learn from one another. This enabled them to identify the opportunities that they don’t explore.

Managers committed to focus on content and set measures to manage their income ;  working in   cooperative in order to get loans from banks ;  to keep on sharing experiences and help each other so that they can run their media business. They commended the High Council for organizing that helpful mentorship program.


Public Relations and Communication Officer.