Radio reporters urged to report stories centered on citizen need

Ngoma June 3, 2016, 25 radio reporters who represent different radios operating in Rwanda will conclude tomorrow June4, 2016, a one week training was organized by the Media High Council in partnership with the UNDP on advanced radio reporting and production. This was carried out in districts namely: Kayonza , Ngoma, Nyabihu and Rubavu from 28 June 2016- 4June 2016.

The aforementioned practical exercise aims at enhancing the analytical capacity of Journalists in covering and producing broadcasting stories on different issues; to facilitate Media practitioners to report news stories from remote areas whereby citizens normally have no access to media and the latter has no facilitation to reach, as most of them are based in the City of Kigali.

Addressing the trainees, Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO Executive Secretary of Media High Council said that media plays a vital role in country development which is the Media High Council has as mission to build capacity of media practitioners, enabling them to be more professionals.

“Media is the voice of the voiceless, the bridge between the government and the citizen, to perform this noble role, journalists need more skills; and that is why the media High Council conducts various trainings to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities responsibly .” he said.

He added that: “Putting together journalists from different radios will help them to exchange expertise, to increase networking and to enhance teamwork spirit among them.”

Trainees highlighted that the training was very important and fruitful to them.

As Benique IBYISHAKA one of trainees puts it, “This training was so amazing and it helped me to gain new skills like how to conduct an interview, how to identify sources I need during my news production.” He said.

According to Florence IRAMBONA representing radio Izuba, the training helps her to use the right source during her news story. She said: “From this training I knew that it’s necessary to talk to all parties concerned in my story, how to produce a balanced story, this is very essential for me and will help me to produce professional news.”

Participants recommended the Media High Council to conduct similar training to all media practitioners of all media in order to enhance their professionalism.