Journalists equipped with basic skills to report on economy and business effectively.

Kigali, May 19, 2016, the Media High Council in partnership with the National Bank of Rwanda has conducted a two - day media training on economic and business reporting.

The aforementioned training aims to build the capacity of local media/economic/business editors and journalists with the basic economic terms and knowledge so that they can effectively analyze and clearly report on the field of currency and monitory variation, banking and banks operations, economic situational changes, to empower the pool of trained economic journalists with the expertise to accurately and systematically interpret and report economic issues; to promote and boost economic reporting.


Addressing to trainees, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council, Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, urged them to be more proactive.

“These two days is not enough to gain skills you are required to respond to your audience needs, so, you have to do research to be more professional and confident in reporting on economy and business matters.” Peacemaker said.

He also commended the National Bank of Rwanda for their contribution towards media development in Rwanda.

While officiating the training, the Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda said that journalists need skills to report effectively on economy and business.

“We organized this training because we value the role of journalists in promoting economic growth and management”. He said.

“You have to know that the public learns from what economic journalists provide to them as information. They evaluate and come to act upon that information you disseminate. That is why you need skills to communicate the right information to avoid misleading and putting the public at risk with haste, simplified and misunderstood issues, data and concepts” he emphasized

He added that the National Bank of Rwanda will continue to build the capacity of journalists who report on economic and business.

During this two days training, journalists will discuss on how to write comprehensive economic reports for news outlets; latest trends in business and economic training, role of journalism in economic reporting, Media and Ethics- issues of sensitivity and stigma when reporting on the economy, Main Macro Economic Indicators and how to interpret these statistics, reporting on currencies, government Bonds and debt crisis.

By Denyse Kanzayire

Public Relations & Communication Officer.