Media practitioners trained on service delivery reporting

Last week, 27 Journalists from different media houses operating in Rwanda were trained on service delivery reporting, with the aim of strengthening their skills in media content professionalism and sharing through their media outlets the status of service delivery experience in the districts, sectors, and cells in citizenry daily development activities.

The 7 day training held from 22-28 October 2019 was organized by the Media High Council in partnership with Rwanda Development Board through the Department of Tourism Regulation.

During the first two days of the training, journalists were taken through the concept of service delivery in local governments, tourism, and hospitality sector, where they got the opportunity to understand more about services offered in decentralized entities, private sector, tourism laws, and regulations.

Opening the training, The Head of Tourism Regulation Department in RDB, Nsabimana Emmanuel said that Media play a key role in promoting the sector of tourism and hospitality through what they disseminate.

“We really need to engage the media in terms of what we do, what people do not only in Tourism but any other sectors. It’s very important that when we report we have certain content within what we are reporting.” He said.

He added that the purpose of the training is to equip journalists with skills in service delivery especially in the tourism and hospitality sector, and reiterated that they plan to organize more training of this kind.

The Director of Media Content, Research and Media Development Unit, Kanzayire Denyse, said that MHC partnered with RDB in order to enhance journalists knowledge of service delivery concept, so that they can be able to produce articles that educates, create awareness and hold accountable those who tend not to offer good service.

During the closing and evaluation of the training, trainees said that they not only acquired more skills on service delivery, and the law governing the concept but also had the opportunity to go in Huye, Musanze, Rubavu, and Kayonza district and be able to experience services offered in local governments, hotels and touristic areas and experience the service offered to the citizens.

Journalists who attended the training committed to do more articles on service delivery and start initiatives aimed at promoting tourism starting from village levels.


Prepared by: MUKANEZA Marie Ange

Public Relations and Communication Officer