Online media practitioners trained on web design and maintenance

Musanze, September 23, 2016, 30 journalists from different online media houses equipped skills on web design and maintenance, online media content creation and management and on social media and digital media philosophy and management.

The aforementioned training has conducted by the Media High Council in Partnership with the UNDP which held from 22nd-27th September 2016 in Musanze District at la Palme Hotel.

While opening the training, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that this Six day training will help participants to design their website themselves instead of wasting their money to hire a consultant to help them in web design.

He added that this training will enable them to improve their online content with the audience centered and the use of social media and the ethical requirements while reporting.

Participants said that the training was very fruitful for them and testify that the knowledge acquired will enable them to improve their website content and design.

Nsengimana Theoneste, said that this training enable him to design a website himself.

During these 6 days I designed a website myself while before the training I used to hire a consultant to help me. I will never spend my money on web design and maintenance because now I can do it myself!” He said

According to Sehene Ruvugiro It was the first time for him to use social media platforms.

Before the training I did not have any social media I count, but now this training helps me to open my personal social account like twitter, facebook, instagram, and using social media platforms will help me during my daily reports.”  He said

After this training the participants agreed on the following recommendations:

Integrate social media platforms of their websites; improve their online content with the audience centered; Change profile and header photos of their social media platforms, Create the WhatsApp group where they can discuss about their career; to adopt the social media policy in their media houses.



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