Media practitioners urged to contribute for raising awareness on Gender Equality

Trainees discussing on gender issues reporting

Kigali, on 22 September the Media High Council in partnership with the UNDP conducted a hands-on training to equip journalists with the skills that will enable them to professionally carry out all activities in line with gathering, reporting, writing, editing, analyzing and disseminating news related to gender issues.

The 8 days training held in different districts which are Nyagatare – Gatsibo, Gicumbi- Rulindo and Karongi- Gatsibo and kicked off by a theoretical training held at Lemigo Hotel.

Addressing the trainees Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, the Executive Secretary of the Media High Council said that the training would help them to acquire techniques and skills of addressing gender issues in Media.

This training will help you to understand well the gender concepts and principles and will help you integrate gender program in your media houses.”  Peacemaker said

This training will help you play your role in increasing Gender Accountability; to contribute for raising awareness on Gender Equality and   to call for urgent action and advocacy for non respect of gender principles.” He emphasized.

He added that this training comes to implement the gender mainstreaming strategy in media sector. The aim of the strategy is to ensure the coordinated gender sensitive capacity building within the media sector and to inform the Media Development stakeholders of their role in respecting gender principles within their respective areas of intervention.

INGABIRE Immacule one of the trainers urged journalists to report information about gender accurately and effectively because gender related news may provoke strong reactions for the entire community if it is not well covered and presented.

Be accurate, neutral with impartiality when you are reporting because poor reporting on gender create community resistance and discourage community engagement in promotion of Gender Equality.” Ingabire said.

The aforementioned training enabled 31 journalists from different media outlets to produce different stories related to gender issues across the country which will increase coverage of positive stories and best practices in promotion of gender equality.

At the end of the training, the gender concepts and principles were well understood and adopted in Media, gender issues were identified in different areas of the country and reported in Media. Furthermore, gender programs were integrated in different media outlet, and journalists trained will establish a network of journalists reporting on Gender.



Public Relations & Communications Officer