Journalists to be empowered in election reporting

Participants' group photo

Kigali, February 19, 2016 at Umubano hotel, Panos Institutions Great Lakes (IPGL) launched its project entitled: Election, Media, Civil Society and Democracy (ELMS), Media High Council will be one of the main partners to implement it. The project will involve Rwanda Community radio network comprising Huguka radio,Isangano radio, Ishingiro radio, and Izuba radio. It was funded by European Union. 

Pastor Jean Pierre UWIMANA, the IPGL representative in Rwanda said that the rational of the project is for good preparation of the major election, to enable media to play one of their essential role of awareness and education of citizens, to enable producers to better control the technical and thematic information related to the election. The overall objective is to better participation in the democratic life of their country. 

During the launch of the aforementioned project, Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO, the Executive Secretary of Media High Council highlighted the MHC responsibilities such as to advocate for media capacity building; to build partnership with other institutions in a bid to mobilize resources for media capacity building; to conduct regular research enabling to build media capacities; to participate in initiating and implementing policies and strategies to develop the media sector; to build innovative capacities and to produce media content that disseminates and promotes the Rwandan values, culture and products; to liaise, collaborate and cooperate with other national, regional, and international institutions with similar or related responsibilities; to assist in setting up an enabling environment that facilitates investments in the media sector; and to perform any other functions prescribed by Law that are not inconsistent with its mandate.

 Those MHC’s responsibilities play vital role in improving professionalism in Rwandan media sector. It is in this regard the aforementioned IPGL’s project will train journalists and enable them to professionalize in election reporting.

 Cyprien Ndikumana, the Director general of Panos Institutions Great Lakes (IPGL) said that when there is democracy the election is done effectively because the population appreciate it since election rely on the people‘s thoughts. 

“Rwanda has achieved development and it is obvious for other countries because there is no corruption. This demonstrates that Rwandans can achieve great things and people should make efforts to achieve development on their own.”Cyprien Ndikumana, said.

The project will take 30 month from 2016. Apart from Media High Council as partner institution to implement the project, there are also Rwanda Utilities Regulating Authorities (RURA), Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), National Electoral Commission (NEC) and media fraternity.


Media professionalism development Officer