Online media managers are committed to promote gender equality in their media outlet's content.

Rubavu, from 28th May to 1st June 2018, 17 online media managers attended a 5 day training workshop on gender and media. The training was organized by the University of Rwanda through the School of Journalism and Communication in partnership with Media High Council, and was held in Rubavu District.

The training aimed at enabling media managers to understand the concept of gender, to identify gender gaps and inequalities in their media houses' content and propose strategies to promote gender equality in their media houses. 

Speaking to participants, Joseph Njuguna , the Ag.Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Rwanda, urged  media managers  to use the skills acquired from  the training on gender  to improve gender balance in news content and production in their respective media houses.

After the training, trainees decided to introduce gender policy in their media houses in order to reduce gender stereotypes and gaps in the production of stories and to promote gender equality in general.

According to Dorothee UWIMPUHWE the manager of Yeejo.rw, promoting gender equality in her media house and in society in general is going to be her priority.

“this training enabled me to understand that men and women have  equal capacity that is why  from now I’m going to introduce gender policy in my media outlet and I’m going to hire a female journalists because before attending this training I do not have any women staff. “ She said

Onesphore DUSHIMIYIMANA the manager of Ubumwe.com, “This training helped me to understand the gender concepts and the gender gaps in media sector. Basing on this I committed to empower women journalists and to promote gender sensitive content in my media house.” He said.

After the training, media managers created a Feminist Media, Managers Forum-FMMF with the purpose of promoting gender sensitive content and educating the Rwandan society on gender equality and equity.

In 2016, Rwanda Media Commission assessed whether women were sufficiently represented in news. As indicated by the assessment, women news reporters were less represented in the analyzed news articles at a rate of 27% against 73%  of men


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