Practical training enhance media professionalism-Dr Kayumba

Kamonyi, 24th May 2018, the International Women Media Foundation (IWMF) in partnership with Media High Council (MHC) opened a five day media training on writing skills and story presentation.  19 journalists (11 women and 8 men) from different media houses attended the training that was scheduled from 24th to 29th May 2018 at Honey in Honey hotel in Kamonyi District.

Solange AYANONE,  the training coordinator, on behalf of IWMF,  said that it aimed at strengthening the media industry by providing support for media professionalism development and content improvement; thus to promote a free, vibrant and responsible pluralistic and diversified media sector in Rwanda.

She added that the training will enable women journalists to occupy managerial level in their media houses basing on the skills they will acquire.

According to the trainer,   Dr. Christopher KAYUMBA, said that practical training is very important for journalists to enable them becoming professionals because it gives them the chance to learn by practicing which is different from what they do at school where they learn theories.

He urged media practitioners to build the culture of hard working, reading books, doing research in order to practice journalism in Rwandan context professionally.  

Celestin HABIMANA the trainee from Voice of Hope radio said that the training helped him to understand the importance of his audience before producing the article.

I learnt that in order to capture my audience, I have to know them, well structure my story ideas and to use the language that my audience will understand easily”. He said  

KANEZA Marie Ange form Igihe .com also said that the training enabled her how to cover sensitive issues.

Before attending the training It was very difficult for me to give an interview on sensitive issues like gender based violence and it was not easy for me to be neutral in this kind of article, but now I leant how to cove a sensitive issues with professionalism.” She said

Peceameker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO the Executive secretary of the Media High Council, emphasized on the role of practical training to enhance media professionalism to build a professional and vibrant media sector.

Good journalist has to keep learning to enhance his/her professionalism; you have to build a hardworking spirit, teamwork spirit, to have a passion for your career in order to become professional journalists.” He said

The Rwanda Media Barometer of 2016 revealed that media meet professional standards of quality and respect ethical practices   at 64, 2%.



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